Tuesday, 8 January 2019

We go looking for Birds (our first Bird' Outing during 2019)

We read that Low Tide in Woolwich (in the Royal Borough of Greenwich) was 10.39 am. Arriving beside the Thames at around that time we found the Tide coming in and no Mud left exposed! But see *** below.

So, we hurried downstream to Erith (part of the so-called, 'Patch'): where much, although not all, of the Mud had also been covered by the Incoming Tide.

Birds seen on the Thames' Foreshore:

Black-Headed Gulls
Black-Tailed Godwits
Common Gulls
a Curlew
Great Black-Backed Gulls
a Grey Heron
Herring Gulls
Lesser Black-Backed Gulls
and Teals

Birds seen in the Grounds of the nearby Church of St John the Baptist included Redwings viz.

*** the Tide Timetables use British Summer Time (BST): not Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Something we had vaguely suspected but hadn't checked on.

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