Sunday, 21 August 2016

In the company of Seals

We arrived beside the Thames at around 13.30 o'clock; parking the car close to the former Thamesmead Golf Course.

We saw a small group of people on the Thames Path overlooking the River. And Yippee; there were two assumed Common Seals (one pretended to be a banana!) resting on the Mud beside the River viz.

With the tide coming in they were quite close to us and we wondered if they were the pair, assumed parent and child, we had seen late last year and earlier this year in the same spot. We decided it was quite probable.

NB. the previous day we had seen another Seal resting on the Mud in the area where the Ringed Plovers hang out viz.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Golden Dock growing on the former Thamesmead Golf Course

Golden Dock is included within the Kent Rare Plant Register.

And Wow: during recent visits we have found at least seven (up from six) plants which have super-kindly been confirmed by the Kent Botanical Recording Group as Golden Dock viz.


Most of the Plants are located within the range of Grid References TQ 48111 80931 or thereabouts and TQ 48172 81006, to the East of the Trees that are growing in the sort-of-centre of the former Golf Course viz.

There are two plants growing at Grid References tbi. Since the character of the area has changed almost beyond recognition, further checking is needed to pinpoint, by Grid Reference, the plant's locations.


These are the seven plants:

Update 11 August: an eighth plant was found.